(EN) Long Length « Kawaï Na Ana: Breaking Mourning » by René-Claude Abianso, Jeffan Asaïti, Ignace Djaba, Nicolas Pradal, Mirta Tani

This captivating film unfolds on the banks of the Maroni River in French Guiana, shedding light on the Puu Baaka ceremony—a deeply rooted event in the history of the Aluku people. Descendants of African slaves who escaped Dutch plantations in the 18th century to find refuge in the Amazon rainforest, the Aluku celebrate the breaking of mourning in the Bushi Konde Saman villages.

Through the perspectives of four young individuals, the audience is immersed in a world of rituals, dances, stories, and feasts that span several days. The personal thoughts and narratives of these young individuals unveil the cultural richness and emotional complexity of this event, oscillating between joy and sorrow.

The film reaches its culmination during the breaking mourning ceremony of the Gran Man, the last traditional chief—an occasion prompting the young participants to deeply reflect on the necessity of reclaiming knowledge and practices that honor the deceased. Faced with the challenges and stakes of preserving these traditions, the youth question their own place within this event.

Ultimately, the film explores the significance of intergenerational transmission, the necessity of preserving unique cultural rituals, and how these young Aluku individuals navigate between upholding their heritage and adapting to contemporary challenges. Through these reflections, the documentary provides a profound meditation on identity, legacy, and the vital role of tradition in shaping the future.

Film Technical Sheet

Title: KAWAÏ NA ANA, la levée du deuil
International Title: KAWAÏ NA ANA, breaking Mourning

Director: Nicolas Pradal

A film by: René-Claude Abianso, Jeffan Asaïti, Ignace Djaba, Nicolas Pradal, Mirta Tani

Cinematography: Tarek Sami, Nicolas Pradal

Sound: Pierre Selvini, François Desbrosses

Editing: Tarek Sami
Color Grading: Magali Marc
Mixing: François Desbrosses

Sound Editing: Clément Toumit

Interns (Cinematography and Sound): Kerth Agouinit, Soane Dewane, Barnes Dekon, François Dekon Jonika Aliwawpoe, Richard Dekon, René-Claude Abianso, Jeffan Asaïti, Ignace Djaba

Original Music: Tcho tcho baka oemang

Stage and Production Management: David Crochet and Neos Films

In co-production with: France Télévision

With the support of: National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Overseas Territories, Amazonian Park of Guyana, Territorial Collectivity of Guyana, Occitanie Region, in partnership with CNC, Toulouse Métropole, Maripasoula City Hall, Directorate of Culture Youth and Sport, Prefecture of the Guyana Region, Studio Midim, National School of Audiovisual

Genre: Documentary
Copyright Year: 2023
Main Production Country: France
Filming Location: Guyana
Original Language: Aluku or Nengue, with French subtitles
Video Format: Full HD

Duration: 53 min

Contact for distribution : diffusion@chercheursdautres.com