You are currently viewing (EN) Long Length Anuktatop: The Metamorphosis by Nicolas Pradal and Pierre Selvini

(EN) Long Length Anuktatop: The Metamorphosis by Nicolas Pradal and Pierre Selvini

Anuktatop: The Metamorphosis

IDFA Synopsis : Down on the banks of the Maroni River, little Derreck dreams of heroic warriors. He’s a member of the Wayana tribe in French Guyana. In this film, Derreck is not our only portal into another world. His sister Sylvana also dreams – of an impossible love, who belongs to a different tribe. Their grandmother Malilou takes us back to her youth in the 1950s. It seems that everyone wanders off now and again into a parallel, at times almost ghostly world. Whereas the youngest members of the tribe can still lose themselves in boundless flights of fantasy, the older generation contemplates more existential questions. How do dreams of the future relate to identity? What makes you a real Wayana? This magical realist glimpse of the life of this native tribe in the Amazon balances on the edge of fiction, showing how change is inevitable even in this remote village. (In Wayana, Anuktatop means metamorphosis.)

« Through a redeeming momentum this film creates the possibility of a new culture – embracing a humanity,  encompassing its stories and its environment, for us all to see truly far ahead. » Les Cahiers du Cinéma, June 2016


Jury’s spécial prize, 33rd Festival international du film d’environnement (FIFE),2016, Paris, France

Selection First Appearance, International Documentary Filmfestival (IDFA),  2016, Amsterdam, Nederland

Panorama selection, Cine Latino, 2017, Toulouse, France

Mostra, Ecolofante de Cinema Ambiental, 2017, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Long length Competition, Mostra francesa Festi France,  2017, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Ethnocineca, 2018, Vienna, Austria

Provinziale Ebersvald film festival, 2018, Eberswald, Germany

Director : Nicolas PradalPierre Selvini
Production : David Crochet for Chercheurs d’Autres
Cinematography : Tarek Sami
Editing : Fabien Daguerre
Sound : Cesar Mamoudy
Sound Design : Pierre Selvini
Music : Pierre Selvini

Fund : European Union (PEJA), Ministère de l’Outre Mer et Ministère de la Culture (FEAC), Le Parc Amazonien, Conseil Général de la Guyane, Mairie de Maripasoula, Région Guyane
Sponsor : Air Caraïbes
Production Partner : Les films du sud, Tic-Tac production
Kind : Documentary
Language : Wayana and french
Available Subtitle : french, english, japanese
Format : HD
Duration : 106 min

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Anuktatop: The Metamorphosis

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