Puu Baaka, the coming out of mourning

In Development
Puu Baaka, the coming out of mourning

Documentary / 2019 / HD / 52’’

Direction Kerth Agouiniti, Soane Dewane, Ignace Djaba, Nicolas Pradal



Synopsis :

In Papaïchton, a village in French Guiana, children circle Wani Doudou. He is telling them about the Puu Baaka, a ceremony that took place a few days ago.

The Puu Baaka, coming out of morning in Aluku language, has recently been performed for his father Paul Doudou, the late traditional chief of the Aluku tribe, which along with other Bushinenge tribes, has fled the Surinamese plantations where they were kept as slaves in the 18th century.

Memories of Wani’s childhood and of the traditional upbringing his father and family gave him surface as he tells the children about the ceremony.

These recollections reveal and explore a powerful culture which must resist the pressure of modernity.

Wani will show the depths of his people’s culture through memories and encounters while explaining the complexity of the Puu Baaka ceremony.

Credit photo  : Jean Marc Aspe/Chercheurs d’Autres